The Cerebral Vascular Landmark Annotations

This page provides manual landmark annotations of a public cerebral MRA dataset for studying the problem of vascular landmark detection. The dataset contains 104 MRA scans of healthy volunteers selected from the publicly available UNC dataset (for a total of 109 scans), where the samples with incomplete ICA-C5 segments due to limited scanning range (2 scans) and deletion variation of unilateral ACA-A segment (3 scans) were excluded. These two situations will lead to the missing of corresponding landmarks. The landmark annotation contains 19 landmarks around the Circle of Willis (CoW) region, which are generally distributed at the bifurcation positions and hierarchically divide the CoW region into 20 arterial segments. The specific definition of landmarks is shown as below.


You are free to download the landmark annotations for non-commercial research and educational purposes:

The corresponding origin MRA images can be found on the UNC website: UNC-dataset


Research papers that used this database should cite the following paper:

Zimeng Tan, Jianjiang Feng, Wangsheng Lu, Yin Yin, Guangming Yang, and Jie Zhou, “Cerebrovascular Landmark Detection under Anatomical Variations”, ISBI, 2022


Contact Dr. Jianjiang Feng for further information.