Tsinghua Latent Overlapped Fingerprint Database

This database consists of 100 latent overlapped fingerprints and 12 plain fingerprints. It is used to test algorithms for separating overlapped fingerprints. You are free to download the dataset for non-commercial research and educational purposes: latentOverlap.rar. One overlapped example of them are shown below.
These latent overlapped fingerprints were obtained using the following procedure:

1) press two fingers at roughly the same location on a white paper,

2) enhance the latent prints using black powder and brush, and

3) convert the enhanced prints into electronic version using a general purpose HP scanner.

For each of the 12 different fingers participating this experiment, one plain fingerprint is obtained using an optical fingerprint scanner. These are used as template fingerprints in the matching experiment. The resolution of all images is 500 ppi.


overlap: 100 overlapped fingerprints.

mask: binary mask images of overlapped fingerprints (2 masks per image)

template: 12 template fingerprints

Filename convention

Filename of the overlapped image: XX+YY_Z.bmp

XX: ID of the first component finger.

YY: ID of the second component finger.

Z: ID of the overlapped images from the same component fingers.

Filename of the mask of overlapped image: XX+YY_Z_N.bmp

N: ID of the components in the corresponding overlapped image. N is 1 or 2.


Research papers that used this database should cite the following paper.

Jianjiang Feng, Yuan Shi, Jie Zhou, "Robust and Efficient Algorithms for Separating Latent Overlapped Fingerprints", IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, vol. 7, no. 5, pp. 1498-1510, 2012. 


Contact Dr. Jianjiang Feng for further information.